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Since its inception, The Barakat Trust has supported projects, students and scholars — in various ways, each has contributed to a greater understanding of the culture of the Islamic lands. The grantees have come from over thirty countries and their grants have covered academic research, archaeological excavations, architectural conservation, major exhibitions, scholarly publications, surveys and documentation, lectures and conferences, schools and educational programmes and travel grants.

The Barakat Trust Grants Programme 2023

Applications for Grants are Now Open!

The Barakat Trust Grants Programme for 2023 has opened on the 1st of January 2023 and will close at midnight GMT on the 31st of March 2023.

We regret that we cannot accept applications received after the deadline.
Please only consider applying if you meet the criteria in the Scope of Awards.

To assist in preparing for your application you are advised to read the following pages:

Question & Answer Sessions

You can now attend one of our six Q&A sessions (in Arabic or English) if you have any questions about The Barakat Trust Grants (2023) or the application process. We encourage you to attend early to make the most out of your application.

Please choose a suitable session from the below event list and register to attend.

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Recent Projects

Impermanent Monuments, Lasting Legacies: The Dār al-Khilāfa of Samarra and Palace Building in Early Abbasid Iraq

This book offers a new interpretation of early Abbasid palaces as “impermanent monuments.” Synthesizing an array of sources, ranging from archaeological finds and classical Arabic literature to modern studies on [...]

The excavation of the Islamic historical core of Dumat al-Jandal (ad-Dira’ district)

BRIEF FINAL REPORT season 2021 Introduction The project, as part of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Saudi Arabia (season 2021), took place from 10/17/2021 to 11/19/2021, proceeding with both the [...]

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