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Grantee Profile

Nader Sayadi

Nader Sayadi is a PhD candidate in Art History at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a specialist in Islamic art, architectural, and urban history with a concentration on early modern global economic history. Having an academic and professional background in historic preservation and architectural design, Nader has worked, conducted research, and taught since 2010. His research interests include the textile history and its technical and technological aspects, the built environment of manufacturing, commerce, trade, and mobility, the [...]

Dr Olga Bush

Dr Olga Bush is a scholar of Islamic art and architecture, whose research interests engage interdisciplinary methods and theoretical issues in a wide variety of topics ranging from the relationship of poetry to architecture in medieval Muslim aesthetics to nineteenth-century European and American Orientalism, to patronage of the arts in twentieth-century collecting practices. Currently, a Visiting Associate Professor of Islamic art and architecture at Bard College, she has taught at SUNY-New Paltz and Vassar College, held fellowships at the Metropolitan Museum [...]

Mariam Rosser-Owen

Country of origin UK University Oxford University Course Post Doctoral Research Grant issued 2006 Area of interest Arts & Archaeology of the Islamic World Profile Mariam Rosser-Owen is a curator in the V&A's Middle Eastern Section, and looks after the Museum's collections from the Arab World. She is a specialist in the medieval Mediterranean, in particular Islamic Spain, and has recently been researching the collecting of Arab art by the V&A in the 19th century.

Paul Hepworth

Country of origin Turkey University Religious Foundation, Ankara Course Conservation Grant issued 2009 Area of interest Conserve 17 Ottoman endowment deeds from the 16th-19th centuries : a collaborative art historical and conservation approach Profile Conserve 17 Ottoman endowment deeds from the 16th-19th centuries : a collaborative art historical and conservation approach

Yasmin Kathrada

Country of origin India University Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, VITA Course Visual Islamic & Traditional Arts Depts Grant issued 2011 Area of interest Kufic calligraphy and hand etched glass Profile Yasmin Kathrada was born in Gloucester, UK. An artist of Islamic origins, YK uses traditional Islamic materials, methods and techniques dating back thousands of years. Her work is inspired by the spiritualism of the Islamic faith as expressed through geometric precision and symmetry. YK specialises in glass, ceramics [...]

Mehreen Chida-Razvi

Country of origin Pakistan University SOAS Course 2014 Grant issued Travel Grant Area of interest Jahanghir's funerary Complex in Lahore and comparative research Profile An Art Historian specialising in the arts, architecture and material culture of the Islamic World and Mughal South Asia. Taught courses on the art and material culture of the Muslim world for the Continuing Education Department at the University of Oxford, Morley College, and the Courtauld Institute of Art and lectures on various topics of Islamic, [...]

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