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Education and Engagement

A selection of reports on the education and engagement projects we have supported and funded in the field of Islamic Art, Heritage and Culture since we were founded in 1987

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International Training Programme 2014

International Training Programme 2014: Interim report   In 2014 the British Museum, in collaboration with seven UK partner museums, hosted 21 museum and heritage professionals from 12 countries on the ninth International Training Programme (ITP). The programme was tailored around group sessions which covered a whole range of museum activities [...]

North American Textile Conservation Conference

In 2012 the Barakat Trust gave a grant to Annette Beselin to help her attend the 8th annual North American Textile Conservation Conference from the 8th of November to the 11th held in Oaxaca, Mexico. The conference titled "Plying the Trades: Pulling Together in the 21st Century" explored the various [...]

Tüpraş Field

In 2012 the Barakat Trust gave a grant to Dr Asa Eger from the Greensboro Campus of the University of North Carolina. He is the director of the Tüpraş Field site which is an early Islamic and Middle Byzantine site 900 metres north of the Kinet Mound. This was the [...]

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