The Barakat Trust has funded a unique collection of research and projects over the last 30 years, which needs to be collated and archived. We are currently trying to fundraise to develop a digital collection and educational pack to make this research available to the public.

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The Barakat Trust works on a wide range of projects, events, exhibitions and workshops across the world – get involved:

  • Fundraisers – organise a creative workshop, lecture, performance, sponsored event, cake sale or luncheon!
  • Curators/ researchers/editors – get involved in some of our curatorial/editorial/creative projects by donating your time!
  • Artists/Designers – donate or produce a special piece of work to help fundraise for Barakat Trust events!
  • Ambassadors – promote the work of the Barakat Trust and attract more members for us!
  • Volunteer/Internships – are you interested in gaining work experience or looking to enhance your CV?

Please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your area of interest to: info@barakat.org