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Academic Advisory Committe

Dr Mariam Rosser-Owen

Curator Middle East, Asian Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK curator responsible for te Arab World Collections at the V&A I specialise in the Islamic Mediterranean, especially al-Andalus and the Maghrib, but more generally I am interested in material culture connections around the Mediterranean during the medieval period. I am interested in how people commission works of art and what messages they express through these commissions. Completed my DPhil at the University of Oxford (Oriental Institute) in 2002, supervised by [...]

Dr Teresa Fitzherbert

Faculty Tutor in Islamic Art, Khalili Research Centre, Oxford, UK Is interested in Persian illustrated manuscripts particularly those produced in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries under Mongol and Timurid rule. Other interests include the artistic interface of Eastern Christianity and Islam in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries; the figural buff ware of mediaeval Nishapur; and before retirement also curated the Creswell Photographic Archive at the Ashmolean Museum. Recent publications include articles on Jalayirid painting, the Freer Canteen, and depictions of [...]

Dr Zeynep Yürekli-Görkay

University Lecturer in Islamic Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford, UK Interested in Islamic architecture; illustrated manuscripts; Sufi shrines; hagiography and historiography. 'Sufi Shrines under the Ottomans', in The Cambridge World History of Religious Architecture, ed. R. Etlin et al (Cambridge University Press).'Architectural Patronage and the Rise of the Ottomans', in The Companion to Islamic Art and Architecture, ed. G. Necipolu and B. Flood, Volume II: From the Mongols to Modernism (Wiley–Blackwell).

Professor James W. Allan

Emeritus Professor of Eastern Art, University of Oxford, UK James Allan read his degree in classical Arabic at Oxford, and spent most of his career in the Ashmolean Museum as curator of the Islamic collections and latterly Keeper of Eastern Art. He also set up an Inter-faith Exhibition Service. For the last 6 years before his retirement in 2012 he continued to teach Islamic art in the Khalili Research Centre. He leads tours in the Middle East, and has published [...]

Professor Jeremy Johns

Chairman of the Academic Advisory Committee; Director, Khalili Research Centre;  Lecturer in Islamic Archaeology, University of Oxford, UK Interested in relations between Muslim and Christian societies in the medieval Mediterranean as manifested in material and visual culture. My research has focused upon the archaeology of the transition from late antiquity to early Islam in the Levant and, especially, upon the archaeology, history and art history of Sicily under Islamic and Norman rule, from the Muslims' conquest of the island in the [...]

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