The Barakat Trust’s Academic Advisory Committee

Dr Annabel Teh Gallop FBA

Head of the Southeast Asia section at the British Library in London, she works on Malay manuscripts, letters, documents and seals, and the art of the Islamic book in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean world.  Recent publications include Malay seals from the Islamic world of Southeast Asia: Content, Form, [...]

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Dr Zeynep Yürekli-Görkay

University Lecturer in Islamic Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford, UK Interested in Islamic architecture; illustrated manuscripts; Sufi shrines; hagiography and historiography. 'Sufi Shrines under the Ottomans', in The Cambridge World History of Religious Architecture, ed. R. Etlin et al (Cambridge University Press).'Architectural Patronage and the Rise of the Ottomans', in The [...]

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Dr Mariam Rosser-Owen

Curator Middle East, Asian Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK curator responsible for te Arab World Collections at the V&A I specialise in the Islamic Mediterranean, especially al-Andalus and the Maghrib, but more generally I am interested in material culture connections around the Mediterranean during the medieval period. I [...]

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Professor Jeremy Johns

Chairman of the Academic Advisory Committee; Director, Khalili Research Centre;  Lecturer in Islamic Archaeology, University of Oxford, UK Interested in relations between Muslim and Christian societies in the medieval Mediterranean as manifested in material and visual culture. My research has focused upon the archaeology of the transition from late antiquity to [...]

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