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Over 35 years The Barakat Trust has supported  740 projects  in 45 countries.

We bring together the sights and sounds of some of  our projects, initiatives and collaborations.


Explore the sights of The Barakat Trust’s videos, and our partners videos of their work.

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The Barakat Trust: Our Story

The Barakat Trust 30 Years Gala Grantee Projects Video

The Architecture of the Veil – Damascene Houses

M’Hamid Oasis

Post-Conflict Urban Recovery: A Capacity Building Workshop for Aleppo

Joseph Tawadros – Preview of Asia House oud concert

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Listen to the podcasts we have developed in collaboration with Asia House and the unique contributions of the interviewees.

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Episode 1

New with the Old! Islamic Art at the British Museum with Venetia Porter

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Episode 2

Can We Learn From the Past? A Conversation with Nasser Rabbat

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Episode 3

Layla S. Diba Talking About Art In Peril

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Episode 4

“God is Beautiful and Loves Beauty” with Doris Behrens-Abouseif

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Episode 5

Ottoman Complexities with Edhem Eldem

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Episode 6

The Gardens of Palestine with Lara Zureikat

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Episode 7

The Crusades – Merchants and Monarchs with Scott Redford

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Episode 8

The Fascination of Islam with Anna Contadini

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Episode 9

World Trade and Art – The Malay World with Michael Backman

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Episode 10

The Forgotten Kingdoms of India with Navina Haidar

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Episode 11

New Storytelling: The Art of Greater Being by Alia Alzougbi

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Episode 12

A Game of Thrones in Medieval Egypt with Tarek Swelim

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The Sanctuary at the Heart of Islam with Simon O’Meara

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Episode 14

China and the Other  – a conversation with Nixi Cura

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Rethinking Identities — Iran and Beyond with Sussan Babaie

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Episode 16

A Matter of Perspective with eL Seed

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Episode 17

The Importance of the Moon with Ulrike al-Khamis

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Episode 18

The Spirit of Hagia Sophia with Bissera Pentcheva

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Season 2: Episode 1

Cultural Resilience in a Changing World with Salma Tuqan

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Season 2: Episode 2

The Story of Coffee with Nancy Um

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Season 2: Episode 3

A Journey to the Summit of Mount Sinai with George Manginis

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Season 2: Episode 4

The Epics of Heroes with Jaimee Comstock-Skipp

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Season 2: Episode 5

A World of Pearls with Robert Carter

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Season 2: Episode 6

The Taj Mahal with Mehreen Chida-Razvi

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Season 2: Episode 7

Contextualising the Occult with Liana Saif

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Season 2: Episode 8

Reviving the Cradle of Hindustani Culture with Ratish Nanda

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Season 2: Episode 9

Who are the Parsis? with Sarah Stewart

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Season 2: Episode 10

“Art, Revolution and People’s Voices” a new podcast with Bahia Shehab

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Season 2: Episode 11

Converging Paths Podcasts 2021 “Why Art History?” with Wendy Shaw

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Season 2: Episode 12

Searching for Minarets in the Mountains with Tharik Hussain

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Enjoy our explorations into webinars!

Webinar 1: Egyptian Applique Work in a Global World

Webinar 2: The Pearling Path: The Revitalisation of Muharraq, Bahrain, with Noura Al Sayeh

Webinar 3: “Stories for Change” with award-winning documentary film maker Oliver Wilkins.

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