Join photographer and writer Christopher Wilton-Steer on a colourful journey across the Silk Road to discover the cultures, peoples, traditions, flavours and beliefs he encountered during a magnificent four-month odyssey.


Christopher Wilton Steer is a London-based photographer who is  the Head of Communications at the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) (UK). He works to raise awareness about key development issues in the UK and Europe. This includes working in collaboration with the organisation’s European based partners to raise the profile of AKF (UK)’s partnerships and the impact they are making on the ground.

Christopher also works with the agencies of the broader Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) on a variety of global communications initiatives from developing photographic exhibitions about cultural restoration in Cairo to engaging media on AKDN’s investments in Central Asia. He is also a photographer for AKDN globally.

Christopher joined the Foundation in 2013, having worked previously in communications roles at Random House publishing in China and subsequently at one of London’s leading brand agencies. Christopher has an MA in Art and Architectural History from Edinburgh University.

This podcast is Part of Converging Paths 2021 in Partnership with Asia House, supported by the Altajir Trust and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s Education Programme.