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The Barakat Trust has survived on the generosity of its individual and corporate donors. The Barakat Trust needs your support to continue its work.

Each year The Barakat Trust raises funds to provide financial aid for tuition and fellowships, conservation, excavation, publications, exhibitions, conferences, and surveys.

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£57,500 will fund making available online a major collection of Islamic art, architecture and archaeology.

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£11,500 will fund a senior scholar on a taught masters

£17,250 will fund an International Studentship

£1,725 will fund a travel grant for fieldwork and study, attending conferences, and participating in educational and/or training programmes

£20,700 will fund Postdoctoral Scholarship at the University of Oxford

£13,527 will fund a University of Oxford Studentship

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£11,500 will fund a research, educational and/or training programmes, and other projects relating to the archaeology, the conservation and the history of the material and visual culture of Muslim societies.

£8,050 will fund a conservation project or the training of a conservator in the fields of Islamic art and architecture.

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