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Our upcoming Events

We  have been forced to postpone our events planned for March, April and May 2020.

While the office remains closed, we are already working on exciting content to share with you all through our website and digital channels, please follow us on our platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep an eye on our regular e-newsletter.

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Latest News

Episode 9: World Trade and Art – The Malay World with Michael Backman

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Economist, author and gallerist Michael Backman reveals the importance and key role of the Malay world in the history of economy, business and trade; and discusses how the fluidity of [...]

Episode 8: The Fascination of Islam with Anna Contadini

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Join Professor Anna Contadini  as she takes us on an evocative journey to discover the fascination and curiosity that Islamic art and intellectual thought inspired among pre-modern European thinkers and scholars, and [...]

Episode 7: The Crusades – Merchants and Monarchs with Scott Redford

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Join archaeologist and professor Scott Redford to explore another side of the Crusades - a period usually understood in terms of violence and Holy War. Redford uses art and architecture [...]

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