A selection of reports on the archaeology projects we have supported and funded in the field of Islamic Art, Heritage and Culture since we were founded in 1987

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  • The Islamic Bayda Project

Islamic Baydha Archaeological Excavation Video

    Enjoy the video of the Islamic Baydha Archaeological Excavation Project in Petra, Jordan supported by The Barakat Trust. The Islamic Bayda Project includes a training programme in archaeological fieldwork, designed for Jordanian and international trainees.

Khirbat Shwaykeh

In 2011 the Barakat Trust gave a grant to Marwan bu Khalaf to help him manage the technical work on the material cultures found in Khirbar Shwaykeh, Palestine in 2009-2010. This find was made more significant by the fact this part of Palestine had been under an economic embargo for [...]

Balat, Egypt

In 2011 the Barakat Trust gave a grant to Marwah Dabaieh, a doctoral student at the University of Lund. She studied within the faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, in the division of architectural conservation and restoration. Her project involved research into the conservation of the desert vernacular in Egypt, [...]