Faye Behbehani

Trustee Faye is an entrepreneur and self-taught fashion designer who established Jasmine Box, a multi brand boutique in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  She uses her business management experience support The Barakat Trust through engagement and membership development and has been an integral part of organising cultural events including workshops, cultural trips, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, craft fairs and gala dinners. She graduated in Business Management and International Studies from Bentley College, USA.

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Hamida Alireza

Founder & Trustee Hamida A. Alireza, was born in USA, raised and educated in Switzerland. In 1987, she founded The Barakat Trust, together with Shahnaz Bagherzade and Tarik Alireza. She has overseen the Trust’s evolution, funding more than 500 students in a range of specialisations across the globe over 35 years. She is also a board member of The Barakat Trust's Academic Advisory Committee and is instrumental in communicating with and developing the grantees database. Hamida is also a founding [...]

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Rabya Alfadl

Trustee Rabya Alfadl was raised in Saudi Arabia and educated in the USA. She graduated in Psychology from Wellesley College, Massachusetts,  and then completed a range of executive management and leadership courses and a Diploma in Behavioural Science at The London School of Economics. Having worked in marketing, brand management, research design and strategic development in both the public and private sector with some of the world's leading organisations ranging from Focus EuroRSCG, Bahrain Telecommunications Co., Unilever Arabia, PLC Arabia, [...]

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Rima Alsafadi

Trustee Rima Al-Safadi was raised and educated in Damascus, Syria graduating with a BA in English Literature & Civilisation from Damascus University. Rima brings a diverse range of skills and experience to her role as Trustee, having founded and managing various businesses including ‘The Glass Art’, ‘Wow Flowers’ and ‘Dania Trading Establishment’, all of which are based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has been active in the voluntary sector as a member of a wide variety of charities, including The [...]

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Sara Alireza

Trustee Sara A. Alireza, was born in London, raised and educated in Saudi Arabia and the UK. Having graduated from The London School of Economics in industrial and business economics, Sara worked for Banque Baring Brothers, Switzerland as an analyst focusing on emerging markets. In 2005, she became a trustee of the Barakat Trust and has been responsible for fund management, organising a diverse range of cultural events and fundraising activities including gala dinners, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and craft [...]

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Shahnaz Bagherzade

Founder & Trustee Shahnaz Bagherzade was born in Iran, with a high school degree ‘Abitur’ from Germany. She holds an MPhil in Islamic Art & Architecture from Oxford University and supports various charities preserving the material culture of the Islamic world. She is a member of the Trust's Academic Advisory Committee and takes a lead strategic role on financial matters.

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Tarik Alireza

Founder & Trustee Tarik A. Alireza, was born in Cairo, raised and educated in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Switzerland and the USA. He completed a degree in Architecture at the School of Architecture and Fine Arts at the University of Southern California. In 1977, he established Tarik Ali Alireza Consulting Engineers, a multi-disciplinary architectural and engineering practise with offices in Jeddah and later Athens, Greece. His international and Saudi Arabia based projects have included private residential, housing complexes, commercial towers, touristic [...]

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