Who can apply

The Grants Awards opened on 1 January 2022

The Barakat Trust’s grant applications programme for 2022 opened on 1 January 2022 and will close at midnight GMT on 31 March 2022. No applications received after that date will be considered.

Applicants will be informed of The Barakat Trust’s decision at the end of May 2022 (a month later than usual because of the early date of Ramadan in 2022).

Only consider applying if you meet the criteria in the Scope of Awards.

Please note there is a separate application form for each category. You will need to download the application form in Microsoft Word for the category of award you intend to apply to.

Each separate application form contains specific guidance to that category. Please ensure that you follow the guidance. Once you have completed the application form and have all the necessary supporting documents you will need to submit it applications@barakat.org by the deadline.

If you intend to apply to more than one category of award you will need to submit the appropriate application form for that category.

Only applications submitted using the correct application form will be considered.

Who Can Apply?

We fund individual and institutional efforts to promote and preserve artistic culture and heritage related to the Islamic world as outlined in our Scope of Awards. While we have a long track record of supporting projects and initiatives driven by individuals, including but not limited to research trips, publications, and training opportunities, individuals applying for grants from The Barakat Trust need to identify an institution to which grant monies can be transferred on their behalf.  We cannot make transfers to personal bank accounts, but are strongly committed to the support of individual professional development and projects led by individuals.

Institutions to which we can transfer funds include:

  • Registered Charities
  • Registered Community Interest Companies
  • Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Education  Institution including Universities
  • Museums, Libraries and Archives
  • Companies

For more information about our requirements for transfers of funds please contact us here.