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About Us

About The Barakat Trust

Well Established

We were founded as a UK charity in 1987
by Hamida and Tarik Alireza, and Shahnaz Bagherzade, who were struck by the inadequate initiatives to preserve the heritage of the Islamic world, and the limited professional expertise in countries where that heritage was to be found.

Forward Looking

We were set up to nurture new generations of heritage professionals and support established scholars and conservators committed to preserving the heritage of the Islamic world. Many of our grantees are today leading practitioners and academics in the field.

Global in Reach

We have successfully supported more than 700 projects across 40 countries.

About Barakat Culture CIC

 Barakat Culture CIC is a UK registered social enterprise set up by The Barakat Trust

Engage audiences with the heritage of the Islamic world in exciting ways

Support entities passionate about heritage preservation by providing specialist heritage consultancy services

Share our global specialist network to enable better preservation

Channel all profits generated to The Barakat Trust’s annual grants programme

Our Services


Together we transform your vision into achievable plans

We can help you:

  • Develop project vision and framework
  • Capture stakeholders’ voices, aims and aspirations
  • Understand audience needs to assist in programme development
  • Identify achievable goals that meet audience needs

Business Planning

We create sustainable organisational plans that engage stakeholders and achieve your heritage related goals.

We can help you:

  • Prepare comprehensive business plans reflecting your values and aims
  • Cultural mapping to identify relevant global best practice
  • Design detailed organisational structures and job descriptions
  • Build the capacity of your heritage and cultural experience team
  • Focus on financial sustainability through financial modelling
  • Develop relationships with relevant external partners

Research and Conservation

We undertake research and analysis to reveal the stories of past peoples, places and objects, and bring together the best skills to conserve material culture

We can help you with:

  • Assessment of collections, buildings and urban landscapes
  • Identify suitable specialists for research and conservation
  • Develop curatorial narratives
  • Documentation and conservation of artefacts and buildings
  • Curatorial planning to put management and engagement plans in place


We design cultural experiences by creating engaging content from  well – researched stories.

We can help:

  • Assess historic buildings or collections to determine effective interventions
  • Assess heritage projects submitted for funding
  • Assess projects being considered for awards
  • Headhunt candidates and partners in the cultural sector
  • Provide advice on how to develop a heritage project/funding proposal
  • Design specialised cultural immersion itineraries for trips

Advisory Services

We provide specialised advisory services, from assessing project funding and awards, to headhunting professionals for heritage roles

We can help you with:

  • Innovative interpretation using digital and traditional means
  • Exhibition development and curation
  • Developing cultural, educational and heritage events and activities
  • Developing target audience profiles, interest and motivators
  • Working with local communities to develop heritage programmes
  • Providing tailor made educational programmes for young audiences
  • Promotion of heritage and culture subjects to diverse audiences

Contact Us

Find out more how we can assist you with our consultancy services


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Our Ethos

To respect the integrity of historic sites

To utilise insider knowledge to ensure local relevance

To embed training opportunities in every project we undertake

To approach preservation as an opportunity for community development

To make heritage accessible to diverse audiences

To raise awareness about the value of heritage

Our Consultancy Approach

Cultural Mapping

Situating a project within its larger context

Determining Aspirations

Identifying stakeholders and their needs and expectations

Benchmarking Success

Identifying regional & international good practice and processes driving those successes

Identifying Collaborators

Bringing together the right specialists and partners to achieve results

Project Development

Developing project components including long- term project sustainability

Measuring Impact

Measuring a project’s impact on stakeholders, local communities and heritage

Case Studies

Consultancy Case Study 3

Consultancy Services Case Study 3 Architectural and urban appraisals of historic cities in the Gulf In 2019, we delivered historic urban environment appraisals for historic environments prior to intervention in Tarout, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (For Barker Langham) and evaluated the effectiveness of a 15 year rehabilitation scheme in Muharraq, Bahrain (for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture).

Our People and Partnerships

Our Consultants

Bring extensive knowledge, skills and expertise to all our projects

Seif El Rashidi
Seif El RashidiHeritage & Public Engagement Specialist
20 years of expertise revitalising historic cities in the Islamic world, Seif was also formerly the coordinator of Durham’s UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK. He has been a technical reviewer for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture’s heritage projects and on the World Monuments Fund Project Selection Committee.
Rabya Alfadl
Rabya AlfadlStrategic Development & Marketing Specialist
15 years in international strategic development and marketing consulting for private, public and non-profit organisations including the Ministry of Labour, General Sports Authority, Al-Nahda Philanthropic Society for Women, King Khaled Foundation and currently for The Royal Commission for AlUla.
Mick Denton, MBA
Mick Denton, MBAGovernance & Business Development Specialist
35 years of experience in the public and voluntary sector, supporting a wide range of organisations to achieve future sustainability. Specialist consultant on strategic development of social enterprises, focusing on engagement, facilitation, strategic planning and change and transformation management.

The Barakat Trust Network

We have one of the largest global networks in the fields of Islamic art, architecture, archaeology, conservation and museum sciences, drawn from past and present grantees and collaborators.

Dr Navina Haidar
Dr Navina Haidar
Curator of Islamic Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
Prof. Nasser Rabbat
Prof. Nasser Rabbat
Aga Khan Professor, MIT, USA
Tanvir Hassan
Tanvir Hassan
Deputy Chairman, Donald Insall Associates, London, United Kingdom
Dr Nicholas Warner
Dr Nicholas Warner
Deputy Chairman, Donald Insall Associates, London, United Kingdom
Dr Sami De Giosa
Dr Sami De Giosa
Specialist on The Hajj, Curator, Shaikh Abdulllah al-Salem Centre, Kuwait
Dr Salma Damluji
Dr Salma Damluji
Conservation architect & scholar, Lebanon & Yemen
Dr Sussan Babaie
Dr Sussan Babaie
Reader in Islamic Art, The Courtauld Institute, London, United Kingdom
Dr Rebecca Foote
Dr Rebecca Foote
Head of Heritage and Archaeology, Royal Commission of AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Some of  the Trustees of The Barakat Trust

Our trustees are specialists in the heritage, history, culture, arts and design of Saudi Arabia and the region

Hamida Alireza
Hamida Alireza
An internationally respected figure in the field of Islamic cultural heritage. She has an enviable knowledge of Hijazi heritage. She is also a co-founder
of Mansoojat, a UK charity with the most important private collection of Hijazi costumes. Hamida regularly organises cultural awareness activities about Saudi heritage, including trips, talks, exhibitions and other events.
Tarik Alireza
Tarik Alireza
A Jeddah-based architect, he is an authority of Hijazi architecture, a leading postal historian and has amassed an unparalleled collection of historic images of the Middle East,. He has curated numerous photographic exhibitions about various aspects of architectural and cultural heritage internationally
Sara Alireza
Sara Alireza
A founding member of the Saudi Art Council (SAC) and heads the Education
Committee developing SAC’s public programme, She also sits on the Middle East acquisitions committees of the British Museum , the Centre Pompidou and other international organisations involved in art collection and curation
Faye Behbehani
Faye Behbehani
An entrepreneur and self-taught fashion designer who established Jasmine
Box, a multi brand boutique in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She uses her business management experience to support the Trust through engagement and membership development and organizing cultural events.

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