Case studies of consultancy work undertaken.

Consultancy Case Study 3

Consultancy Services Case Study 3 Architectural and urban appraisals of historic cities in the Gulf In 2019, we delivered historic urban environment appraisals for historic environments prior to intervention in Tarout, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (For Barker Langham) and evaluated the effectiveness of a 15 year rehabilitation scheme in Muharraq, Bahrain (for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture).


Consultancy Case Study 2

Consultancy Services Case Study 2 Arts in Isolation: Global Engagement with Islamic Art In 2020 we partnered with Asia House and brought together leading specialists in the field to share their knowledge with international audiences in an internationally acclaimed podcast series “Arts in Isolation”, sharing the heritage and culture of the Islamic [...]


Consultancy Case Study 1

Consultancy Services Case Study 1 Integrated cultural heritage strategy for a historic battle site, Medina, Saudi Arabia We developed an integrated cultural heritage strategy sensitive to community needs, conservation issues, tourism opportunities and cultural values making the best use of immersive cutting-edge technology to bring the site to life.

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