Join Leena Ghannam as she walks us through an often unfamiliar aspect of Gaza: its art, architecture, and monuments. Listen in as she takes us through mermaid monuments and golden markets, from temples of Aphrodite to masterpieces of modern art, exploring from the conquests of Alexander until the recent annihilation of many of these precious sites. Hear a side of Gaza we don’t often hear: creation, beyond destruction.

See Leena’s research on Google Arts and Culture here:

Leena Ghannam is currently working towards a master’s degree in Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo and writing a thesis on Mamluk tilework. They are currently researching for the “Patterns of Cairo” project at Megawra, a heritage management non-profit based in Cairo. Leena has conducted research for the Barakat Trust (in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture), the Nadim Foundation, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Wayne State University Art Collection. They are the Captions Coordinator of Khamseen.