The Power of the Visual: A new podcast with Ulrike Al-Khamis

Join Ulrike Al-Khamis for an inside look at the Aga Khan Museum's latest exhibition in Toronto, Canada. IMAGE? The Power of the Visual explores image-making over the centuries, exploring through the lens of Islamic art from across many periods and cultures. We are surrounded, in fact inundated, by images and we often have little time to contemplate their deeper meaning; IMAGE? aims to [...]

Olive Oil Empires: A new podcast with Anna Leone

Join Anna Leone for a tour through time as she explores life in North Africa from the Roman era to today. Find out how (olive) oil has been driving the world economy since antiquity, how you can tell a lot about a time period by its frying pans, and [...]

YOUNGperspectives: A platform to support students and early career researchers

YOUNGperspectives, part of Converging Paths 2021, is a platform to support students and early career researchers who have exciting topics relating to themes of the Islamic world. The participation of each guest is secured through an application, and the selection process is based on their proposals and the appeal we [...]

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