YOUNGperspectives, part of Converging Paths 2021, is a platform to support students and early career researchers who have exciting topics relating to themes of the Islamic world. The participation of each guest is secured through an application, and the selection process is based on their proposals and the appeal we anticipate we can generate with our audiences across the world. We look for relevant, inclusive and socially-aware narratives. To submit an idea for a podcast or event please email

Converging Paths is a year-long series of events organised in partnership by¬† The Barakat Trust and Asia House, supported by the Altajir Trust and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s Education Programme. With this series we aim to engage audiences in challenging cultural misconceptions about the Islamic world, building bridges between communities and highlighting the importance of the arts of that region. We aim to provide wider access, combining digital platforms and curated cultural programmes that appeal to adults and families.