In 2010 the Barakat Trust endowed Hemmat Moustafa Salem with a grant which enabled here to come to London to attend a five week training course at the British Museum entitled the International Training Programme. This was not something new to Hemmat who has extensive experience in the arts being a curator in the Museum of Islamic Art.


Hemmat benefitted greatly from this programme through various means. She gained information from  from seeing the stores, different types of display, conservation and research laboratories, other London and UK museums and their functions, technology in the museums and different types of exhibition. She was also able to research the Ancient Egypt gallery in the BM and the Islamic World gallery and their collection, John Addis gallery Room 34.

This experience was a great eye opener for her as it gave her a greater understanding of how museums in the UK are organised compared to her home country of Egypt. She noticed significant differences between their organisation and seeks to implement changes back in Egypt.