What can history teach us about the present and the future. Listen to Aga Khan Professor Nasser Rabbat reflect on the lessons of the past and what we can learn with respect to the current crisis. The second in the series of our podcasts as part of the Arts In Isolation Series with Asia House!


Nasser Rabbat is the Aga Khan Professor and the Director of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at MIT. An architect and a historian, his scholarly interests include the history and historiography of Islamic architecture, art, and cultures, urban history, and post-colonial criticism. He is the former Chair of the Academic Board of the Barakat Foundation, USA, from 2002-2008.

Photos of the Mosque of Sultan Hassan in Cairo, and Qasr Kharana, a remote desert palace in Jordan, referred to in the podcast, can be found below.

Above: Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, 14th century. Photos by Nasser Rabbat (left, and right) and Mohamed Moussa through Wikimedia Commons (centre).  Below: Qasr Kharana, Jordan, (probably 8th century). Photo by Nasser Rabbat.