Journalist and travel writer Tharik Hussain shares his experiences of searching for and documenting the little-known Muslim heritage of Europe.


Tharik Hussain is a Bangladeshi-born, British-Muslim, travel writer, journalist and broadcaster, specialising in the Muslim heritage of the West. Hussain began his media career as a news reporter, before developing his specialism through his travels exploring Europe’s forgotten Muslim heritage. Between 2001 and 2006, Hussain held the roles of journalist at Eastern Eye, chief editor at bi-lingual, local newspaper, Stepney Voice and Copyeditor at Saudi Gazette. Since 2014, he has been freelancing as a journalist, travel writer and broadcaster.

In January 2016, Hussain became a destination guide writer for Lonely Planet, working on the first-ever Hajj Guide in the fifth edition of the Oman, UAE and Arabian Peninsula travel guide. Shortly after, Hussain left for America to record his two part radio documentary for the BBC World Service called, America’s Mosques, a story of integration, which tells the story of Islam in America through some of its mosques, both old and new.  In June 2016, Hussain’s documentary  won an award for the World’s Best Religious Program at the New York Festivals (NYFF) Radio Programs Awards. In November, it was also shortlisted for the Radio Creative Feature award at the Association for International Broadcasters Awards.

Hussain’s upcoming publication “Minarets in the Mountains” explores the Muslim heritage of the Balkans, using the journey of a 17th century Ottoman traveler, Evliya Celebi, as a guide.

This podcast is part of Converging Paths, a partnership with Asia House, kindly supported by the Altajir Trust, and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s Education Programme.