Iman R. Abdulfattah is a PhD Candidate in Islamic Art and Archaeology at Universität Bonn, writing her dissertation on the urban complex commissioned by the Mamluk Sultan al-Manṣūr Qalāwūn (r. 678-689/1279-1290) in Cairo. She also teaches courses on Islamic art and architecture at NYU’s School of Professional Studies.

Prior to this, she worked in the Islamic Art Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and was a Project Manager at the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt where she worked on a number of museum and heritage projects, primarily coordinating the renovation of the Museum of Islamic Art (2010).

Her primary areas of research are the material culture and built environment of medieval Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean, and she has published on the patronage of architecture in the Mamluk period. Separately, she researches the network of antiquarians who were active in Egypt during the first half of the 20th century, looking at their contributions to building important Islamic Art collections in Egypt, Europe, and the US.