Agnieszka Dobrowolska graduated as an architect from Warsaw University of Technology in 1983. Since 1993, she has been living in Egypt and working as an architectural conservation practitioner and architect specialising in historic preservation, design in historical context, and museum and exhibition design. She is a director of ARCHiNOS Architecture and a chair of its not-for-profit branch, the Sultan Foundation.

Since 1996, she directed more than forty different architectural conservation, museum and exhibition design, and presentation projects in Egypt and the region, including long-time cooperation with the USAID-funded conservation programme of the American Research Center in Egypt. Since 2014, she has directed work in the Sultan Qaitbey’s complex in the ‘City of the Dead’ in Cairo that combines historic preservation, cultural activities, and social development, primarily funded by the European Union with contributions from other donors. The Barakat Trust financed components of this work in 2016-18 and 2019.

Besides numerous articles, she authored Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha and His Sabil (with Khaled Fahmi), The Building Crafts of Cairo: A Living Tradition and, with husband Jarosław Dobrowolski, Heliopolis: Rebirth of the City of the Sun and The Sultan’s Fountain: an Imperial Story in Cairo, Istanbul, and Amsterdam, all published by the American University in Cairo Press.