Aliyu Adamu Isa is a Lecturer in the Department and Heritage Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria-Nigeria. He has worked as archaeologist II, at the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM), Nigeria. My station, the Nok museum, under the partnership of Goethe Universit├Ąt, Frankfurt, Germany, was at the centre of the Nok Culture Research Project that focused on unravelling the beginning of complex societies in sub-Saharan Africa. The 12-years grant by the German Research Foundation (DFG) from 2009 aims at a long-term, interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of the Nok culture. I am a Fellow of the Africa Humanities Program (AHP). I have researched Surame (PhD) and I was Co-Director, Field School of the Department of Archaeology, Ahmadu Bello University in Karofi, Dabai, Karfi, Turunku, Gozaki, and Yandoto-Nigeria.