Yeliz Teber is a D.Phil. student in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford since 2016. Her research interests include the Bektashi order of dervishes, Sufi shrines, Kızılbash/Alevi communities, dervish paraphernalia, hagiographies, and ritual manuals (Erkanname, Fütüvvetname, and ‘Buyruk’) in the late-medieval and early-modern Ottoman Empire. With the generous support of the Barakat Trust, she completed her master’s degree with a distinction in Islamic art and architecture at the University of Oxford in 2016. Her master’s dissertation examined the legends and shrines of a warrior-saint called Sarı Saltuk in the Ottoman Balkans between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the shrine of Hacı Bektaş in the post-classical Ottoman Empire. She has so far conducted fieldwork in Romania, Greece, Albania, and Turkey, and studied a number of architectural buildings/remains, dervish objects, manuscripts, and archival sources. She is currently working towards her Confirmation.