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A unique two-day practical painting workshop where participants will explore and take inspiration from exquisite silk fabrics from the Ottoman Empire. These luxurious textiles were characterised by large-scale stylised floral patterns including carnations, tulips, roses, hyacinths and cherry blossoms and highlighted by shimmering gold and silver threads which are now emblematic of the classical Ottoman style.
Participants will study different stylised flowers and motifs and will learn how
to draw floral and çintemani motifs inspired from lavish Ottoman textiles.
The underlying geometry, symbolism and repetition of patterns will be explored.
Participants will design and transfer a composition onto watercolour paper and will learn
traditional shading techniques, outline, paint and illuminate with real gold.
During the workshop the tutor will demonstrate traditional methods involved in Islamic manuscript illumination,
including making pure 24ct ‘shell gold’ to paint with.
Suitable for beginners or intermediate level with an interest in patterns and art

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