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Leighton House and Sambourne House free online courses are back, with an artistic exploration of the geometric and biomorphic patterns found in Islamic design, led by artists Samira Mian and Dr Esra Alhamal.

In the first two workshops, Samira will guide you through the compass and straight edge construction of the geometric patterns decorating an ornamental wooden table in the Morning Room at Sambourne House.

In the final two workshops, Esra will study the freehand biomorphic patterns found on a collection of Turkish plates which hang on the walls of the dining room in Leighton House. Inspired by traditional Iznik motifs, these contemporary ceramics were created for the museum by the Turkish master craftsman, Ismail Yigit.

This free series also includes a live ‘In Conversation’ event with Samira and Esra where you can hear more about their journey and practice, and ask about their lives as creatives.


Thursday 16 and 23 June, 5-7pm: Compass & straightedge pattern making with Samira Mian

Thursday 30 June, 5-7pm: In Conversation with Samira Mian and Dr Esra Alhamal

Thursday 7 and 14 July, 5-7pm: Biomorphic pattern making with Dr Esra Alhamal

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