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Come and join us on this practical journey of discovery as we travel half way around the globe to source the finest examples of Islamic Geometric Pattern; Persia, Turkey, Syria, India, and Moorish Morocco and Al-Andalus will feature in our travels. The genius of the craftsmen geometers from the Islamic Golden Age has never been surpassed; their pursuit and devotion for a unifying language embodying their Religion, Art and Science – without parallel.

The principles underlying Islamic Geometric Pattern are timeless and as relevant today as they have ever been or will be!

‘There is nothing more timely than the Timeless’ Dr Seyyed Hossein Nasr

It is deeply encouraging, in a world and culture that in the main continues to promote a fragmentary and materialistic approach to Religion, Art and Science, that a resurgence of interest and practice in Islamic Geometry is well underway.

This course will appeal to all lovers of Islamic Pattern, beginners and experienced alike, who would like to develop and deepen their understanding of this rich art form and the principles informing it. At the end of the course participants will have Head, Heart and Hands satisfied and in harmony!!
And a full portfolio of beautiful patterns from across the Islamic world.
Course participants will have the opportunity to translate a favourite design into glazed ceramic tiles.
There will also be the opportunity during the course for those interested for an excursion to the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World at the British Museum, London.

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