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The Islamic Baydha Project, directed by Micaela Sinibaldi since 2014, is part of the broader Late Petra Project, that aims at reconstructing the history of the Islamic period in Petra. This research has demonstrated , over the past years, that, contrary to what was commonly thought in the past, there were never significant chronological gaps in the occupation of the Petra region and valley after the Byzantine period.

The rural village investigated by the Islamic Baydha Project consists of the most substantial available evidence in the region for the Islamic period and includes the only two mosques ever excavated in the Petra area. This ongoing project has so far concluded that the occupation at the village spans from the Byzantine period to the Modern one, and has reconstructed the original architecture of the two mosques and of some of the village houses. Studies of the artifacts and archaeobotany, as well as laboratory analyses to refine the chronology of phases of occupation are currently in progress.

The Islamic Baydha Project is a project of research, community engagement and archaeological training for Jordanian and international archaeologists. Its most characterizing aspect is the tight connection and the synergic organization of all its components.

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