Ramadan Greetings from The Barakat Trust

At this time of continued global lockdown and changes due to COVID-19, we hope you stay safe!

We need your support more than ever with our fundraising activities in 2020 having been severely affected by the pandemic.

But despite COVID, we found inspiration in developing our podcasts in partnership with Asia House. If you are looking to be inspired during Ramadan while not re-listen to some our podcasts below.

Image above: Photograph of the library ceiling at Bayt Yakan, Cairo, Egypt during conservation. The conversion of one room of this magnificent house into a specialised heritage library has been supported by The Barakat Trust. Read more about it here.

Photographer: Gael Pollin

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To can provide a general donation you can now do so from our dedicated page here https://barakat.org/support-us/donations/

Bank Transfer

Alternatively if you would like to make a bank transfer contacts us at director@barakat.org

Be inspired during Ramadan!

Listen to Doris Behrens-Abouseif talk about the concepts of beauty in Islamic art in this podcast “God is beautiful and loves beauty” produced as part of our Converging Paths Series with Asia House.

The Kaaba is the sanctuary at the heart of Mecca, in present-day Saudi Arabia, where millions of pilgrims head each year, and towards which the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims pray.

Join Dr Simon O’Meara for a fascinating conversation about the Kaaba and the different ways Muslims have written about it and depicted it over the centuries.