In 2012 the Barakat Trust gave a grant to Caroline Goodson, Ms Corisande Fenwick, Professor Hassan Limane and other experts to help them travel to Djarawa, Eastern Morocco. The purpose of the visit was to fieldwalk the site and the surrounding area and test the chronology of the site. Whilst the team had originally intended to carry out an extensive survey and test trenches it became obvious that even more preliminary work was needed with a core team to plan the project. With help from the Trust the team was able to to walk the entire area of the site plotting their finds with GPS. They were able to determine the location of a metal working area in the Northwest, follow the lines of the city walls with an external ditch, and collect pottery which identified key phases of the site, from the early Islamic period to the Almohad and then the Sa’adian periods of the later Middle Ages. A cemetery is clearly located in the West, near the modern school building.

The centre of the site has the most built up remains which has been locally identified as the “Palace”.