The Barakat Trust has funded a unique collection of research and projects over the last 30 years, which needs to be collated and archived. We are currently trying to fundraise to develop a digital collection and educational pack to make this research available to the public.

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Recent Projects

Documenting Historic Commercial Buildings in Bulaq – Cairo

As a first stage towards preserving a valuable neighbourhood of historic Cairo, a team of four art historians and two conservation architects will survey and assess the conservation state of historic commercial buildings in the area of Bulaq, Cairo, the city's historic river port. Bulaq is a largely overlooked quarter [...]

  • Miniatures and Noble Sports

Kids Camp: Islamic Miniatures & Noble Sports

Our Kids Camp: Islamic Miniatures & Noble Sports workshops introduced young children in London to the wonderful world of Islamic miniatures and the noble sports of the golden age of the Islamic. The educational materials and workshops were funded by Amal and the Royal Borough of Kensington's Grenfell Fund.   [...]

  • The Islamic Bayda Project

Islamic Baydha Archaeological Excavation Video

    Enjoy the video of the Islamic Baydha Archaeological Excavation Project in Petra, Jordan supported by The Barakat Trust. The Islamic Bayda Project includes a training programme in archaeological fieldwork, designed for Jordanian and international trainees.

  • Map of the world
  • Hadramut04819

Episode 7: The Crusades – Merchants and Monarchs with Scott Redford

Join archaeologist and professor Scott Redford to explore another side of the Crusades - a period usually understood in terms of violence and Holy War. Redford uses art and architecture to reveal the vibrant cultural life of the eastern Mediterranean and its profound effect on the cultural flowering of Western [...]

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips (DPhil, Oxon, 2011) is an assistant professor of Islamic Art and Material Culture at the McIntire Department of Art at the University of Virginia, in the United States. She has been a fellow of the Kunsthistorisches Institute at the Berlin Museum of Islamic Art, a Marie Curie Fellow [...]

Asia House

Asia House is a centre of expertise on trade, investment and public policy. Asia House supports a vibrant Arts and Learning programme – a creative hub for Asian arts and culture in the UK. The mission of Asia House Arts and Learning is to inspire and engage diverse audiences through [...]

Episode 6: The Gardens of Palestine with Lara Zureikat

Join Lara Zureikat, designer of the gardens of the award-winning Palestinian Museum for insights on how she used landscape to capture Palestinian identity, culture, and memory. The Palestinian Museum is a recent winner of the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture, one of the most important prizes in the world [...]

Episode 4 “God is Beautiful and Loves Beauty” A Conversation with Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Listen to Doris Behrens-Abouseif talk about the concepts of beauty in Islamic art in this new podcast "God is beautiful and loves beauty" produced as part of Arts in Isolation and our Converging Paths Series with Asia House. Professor Doris Behrens-Abouseif is a world authority on the art and architecture [...]

Episode 3: Layla S. Diba Talking About Art In Peril

Listen to our new podcast as part of the Arts In Isolation Series. Layla S. Diba narrates her experiences directing the Negarestan Museum in Tehran—and how it was erased from history.   Layla Soudabar Diba is an Iranian-American independent scholar and curator, specializing in 18th/19th-century and contemporary Persian art and the [...]

Our Latest Podcast: Can We Learn From the Past? A Conversation with Professor Nasser Rabbat

What can history teach us about the present and the future. Listen to Aga Khan Professor Nasser Rabbat reflect on the lessons of the past and what we can learn with respect to the current crisis. The second in the series of our podcasts as part of the Arts In Isolation [...]

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