The Barakat Trust has funded a unique collection of research and projects over the last 30 years, which needs to be collated and archived. We are currently trying to fundraise to develop a digital collection and educational pack to make this research available to the public.

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Recent Projects

  • Damascus

The Architecture of the Veil – Damascene Houses

'Damascene Houses - preserving the memory of an architectural wonder'. In 2017-18, Augustus Lersten was awarded a grant for the production of a video on 'Damascene Houses' - Interior dimensions, architecture, and the cultural nuances and stories that these houses carry and what they mean to Syrian people. [...]

Digitising the K.A.C Creswell’s International Collections

Between 2018 and 2019 the Barakat Trust funded Omniya Abdel Barr's very ambitious project to enhance the Creswell archives in six International collections. K.A.C Creswell's works are held by at least five institutions and in private collections. And together they constitute an invaluable The project provided digitisation, cataloguing and extensive [...]

Shuqayra Conservation Project

Shuqayra Conservation Project: Phase I, West-Central Jordan, 2017. Grantee: ZAKARIYAN.BENBADHANN NA’IMAT, Islamic Archaeology Research Unit at the University of Bonn, Germany About the project: The project undertook three main tasks:  1) a detailed artistic and architectural documentation of the mosaic pavement, 2) a complete diagnosis of the current state of preservation [...]

  • Map of the world
  • Hadramut04819

Seif El Rashidi

Director 20 years of expertise working on the revitalisation of historic cities in the Islamic world, Seif was also formerly the coordinator of Durham’s UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK. Seif has been a technical reviewer for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture’s heritage projects since 2013, and was [...]

Faye Behbehani

Trustee Faye is an entrepreneur and self-taught fashion designer who established Jasmine Box, a multi brand boutique in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  She uses her business management experience support The Barakat Trust through engagement and membership development and has been an integral part of organising cultural events including workshops, cultural trips, [...]

New Storytelling: The Art of Greater Being by Alia Alzougbi

Join BAFTA-nominated artist Alia Alzougbi in this inspiring and thought-provoking tale about individuality, self-overcoming and our role within a community. Alia's practice is based on storytelling techniques and traditions and, as well as performing, she curates and produces cultural events. Alia is renowned storyteller, educator and cultural producer. She is Head of [...]

Episode 10: The Forgotten Kingdoms of India with Navina Haidar

Navina Haidar, Curator in Charge of the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, takes us on an inspiring journey to South India and the sultanates of the Deccan. She reveals this little-known region of India — a land of great natural wealth that produced striking [...]

Revisit Claudia Roden and Yasmin Khan: Exploring Middle Eastern Food and Identity

Revisit the Converging Paths event held at Asia House with the renowned food writers, Claudia Roden and Yasmin Khan and their discussions on how an understanding of food can reveal rich, nuanced perspectives. Sit back! Watch! And Enjoy!

Episode 9: World Trade and Art – The Malay World with Michael Backman

Economist, author and gallerist Michael Backman reveals the importance and key role of the Malay world in the history of economy, business and trade; and discusses how the fluidity of the Malay world and its interaction with the rest of the world has impacted on its art. Michael Backman is [...]

Episode 8: The Fascination of Islam with Anna Contadini

Join Professor Anna Contadini  as she takes us on an evocative journey to discover the fascination and curiosity that Islamic art and intellectual thought inspired among pre-modern European thinkers and scholars, and how that fascination—led by wonder and awe—resulted in the creation of some of the most beautiful cultural dialogues in the [...]

Nilay Özlü

Nilay Özlü is an architectural historian with a focus on the urban culture of Istanbul, late-Ottoman history, museum studies, and court culture. She submitted her doctoral dissertation From Imperial Palace to Museum: The Topkapi Palace during the Long Nineteenth Century at Boğaziçi University, Department of History. She worked as the [...]

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