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Beyond Conflict: A Celebration of Syrian Food and Culture

Lunch with Anissa Helou, prepared by Mataz Alzari

The scale of devastation in Syria is immense. As we focus on media images of human suffering, it is perhaps not surprising that our appreciation of Syria’s cultural heritage is limited. Join renowned writer, journalist and broadcaster Anissa Helou and chef Mataz Alzari for a celebration of Syrian food and culture. Drawing on childhood memories of family trips to Mashta el-Helou, and subsequent visits to Aleppo, the gastronomic capital of the Middle-East, Anissa will explore Syria’s rich and diverse culinary culture. She will reflect on links between Syrian food and identity and will consider how the preparation and enjoyment of traditional dishes is of heightened importance for those living in exile.

Lunch will be prepared by Syrian chef Mataz Alzari. In 2012 Mataz and his wife Yasmine, with their two-year old daughter, were forced to leave Damascus to seek refuge overseas. There followed a three year journey, including a period living and working illegally in Turkey and a perilous journey across the Mediterranean facilitated by human traffickers, before they were able to settle in Romania

The event is in partnership with the Oxford Cultural Collective as part of the series, Migrations – All Our Voices, and part of Converging Paths 2020. 

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