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Join artist Laurelie Rae in this creative online course which takes inspiration from the feathered friends found throughout Leighton House.

Each workshop will begin with a reading from Attar’s acclaimed poem ‘The Conference of the Birds’, written in the twelfth century in north-eastern Iran.

In workshops 1 and 2, Laurelie will focus on peacocks and parrots. Students will learn how to draw these birds and create a fantastical garden, exploring Damascene motifs and developing a Damascene colour palette. Laurelie will guide students in using techniques and materials including rubber cement resists, wet on wet, wet on dry, salt and acetone effects.

In workshops 3 and 4, we will look at two De Morgan vases in the Leighton House collection and students will be able to plan, draw, paint, cut and assemble a unique collage using found elements and painted papers. Laurelie will guide students in using watercolour, crayon, pencil, markers and pastel to create three dimensionality and visual interest with layering and juxtaposition.

Please note that you can book individual sessions that appeal (£35 per person) or enrol on the full course (£125 per person) to acquire a comprehensive understanding and practice of all the techniques presented in the course.

Session 1: Saturday 29 January, 4-6pm (GMT)

Session 2: Saturday 5 February, 4-6pm (GMT)

Session 3: Saturday 12 February, 4-6pm (GMT)

Session 4: Saturday 19 February, 4-6pm (GMT)

All Sessions are online (Zoom).

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