We are happy to announce the following recipients of The Barakat Trust Grants in our 2019 round.

Senior Visiting Scholarship: 

  • Dr Hamid Keshmershekan for research on Discourses on 20th and 21st Century Art of Iran

International Scholarship: 

  • Doa Khan – A conservation architect working in Lahore, Pakistan, to pursue an MA in conservation studies at York University.

Oxford Post-doctoral Scholarships: 

  • Dr Atri Hatef Naiemi, Transcultural Interactions in Ilkhanid Capital Cities
  • Dr Nilay Ozlu From Imperial Palace to Museum: Reinventing the Topkapı Palace during Ottoman Modernization (1808-1924)

Major Awards

  • Capacity Building in Manuscript Conservation on the Collection of the Great Omari Mosque, Gaza, Palestine; MuneerEl Baz
  • The origins of Islam in North Africa: The Medieval Volubilis Project, Morocco; Corisande Fenwick.
  • Funding Diane Digna, a Sudanese Museum Curator, to attend the British Museum’s International Training Programme
  • Multaka Oxford: A Public Engagement Programme at the Oxford History of Science Museum.
  • Early Islamic Ceramics and Culture in Tunisia: Chronologies, Sources and Vessel use –Archaeometric and Petro-chemical analysis; Dr Paul Reynolds.
  • Connected Courts: Art of the South Asian Sultanates Conference, Oxford University; Dr Emily Shovelton.
  • Islamic Baydha Archaeology Project, Jordan; Dr Micaela Sinibaldi
  • In Quest of Islamic Heritage in Sicily: Archaeological work on San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi (Palermo); Maria de los Angeles Utrero Agudo.
  • Summer Institute for New Art Histories: The Arts of Iran, The Courtauld Institute; Dr Sussan Babaie.

Conservation Grants: 

  • Imam al-Shafi’i Mausoleum Visitors’ Centre and Tourist Path, Cairo; Dr May al-Ibrashy.
  • Funding for the part-time librarian at the Kenyon Institute (Council for British Research in the Levant); East Jerusalem.
  • Conservation of the Mausoleum of Ibn Ghurab, Cairo; Agnieszka Dobrowolska.
  • Documenting Endangered Commercial Historic Buildings in Bulaq, Cairo; Dr Hossam Mahdy.

Publication Grants:

  • Islamic Manuscripts of Late Medieval Rūm, 1270s-1370s: Production, Patronage and the Arts of the Book; Dr Cailah Jackson.
  • Discourses on 20th and 21st Century Art of Iran; Dr Hamid Keshmirshekan.
  • Khirbat Faris: Rural Settlement, Continuity and Change in Southern Jordan Rural Settlement, Continuity and Change In Southern Jordan; Alison McQuitty.
  • Catalogue of Wooden Objects in the Monuments of Historic Cairo; Hind Mostafa, Nadim Foundation.
  • Seachange: Ottoman Textiles Between the Mediterranean and IndianOcean; Dr Amanda Phillips.
  • War, Art, and the End of the Ottoman Empire; Dr Gizem Tongo Overfield Shaw.
    Travel Grants

Travel Grants

  • Zarifa Alikperova, Oxford University; Research on the Shrine of Jalal al-Din Rumi.
  • Jaimee Comstock Skipp; Leiden University, Persianate manuscript arts research related to Ottoman-Uzbek artistic and political relations.
  • Maxime Durocher; Contribution to a conference at the Louvre: Islamic Heritage through the Lens of Scholarly Archives: New Perspectives on Islamic Art History and Archaeology.
  • Shirine El Kassem, Bonn University; Research on Mamluk silk production in Egypt and Syria (1250-1400).
  • Gunseli Gurel, Oxford University, A Little Light Reading for the Ottoman Court –New Themes of Manuscript Illustration, (1595–1603).
  • Dr Alya Karame, Oxford University, Continuity, Change and Rupture: Qur’an Manuscripts in the Central and Eastern Islamic Lands 950-1200 CE, Travel grant to enable a publication.
  • Krystina Rendlova, Oxford University, The Pictorial Representation of Architecture in Ottoman Illustrated Manuscripts. Summer School Attendance and Fieldwork.
  • Hallie Nell Swanson, University of Pennsylvania; Working in an Archive: Indo-Persian Records from Hyderabad Summer School.
  • Yeliz Teber, Oxford University; Closing Ranks, Breaking Ranks: The Institutionalisation of Bektashim in the Ottoman Empire between the 1600s and 1826.
  • Dr Nikolaos Vryzidis; Tracing the Mamluk within the Islamic in Late Byzantium, Research about Islamic objects in Byzantine collections and their cultural influence.

Digitisation Grant:

  • Digitising the K.A.C. Creswell’s International Collections (Phase II), The Victoria and Albert Museum, Principal Applicant: Dr Omniya Abdel Barr.