Islamic heritage has inspired artists from many different disciplines, finding its way to watches that display geometric Islamic design by Miraj Collections, a company that bases its products on the 12-point star of Alhambra Palace in Andalusia, Spain.

Miraj was set up by Abdullah Ahmed, a managerial economics graduate and auditor accountant at the United Kingdom’s National Audit Office, and Harun Asif, a physics graduate and digital marketing specialist.

The partners went to an event on Arabesque organised by the Barakat Trust at London’s Arab British Centre. The trust supports and promotes the study and preservation of Islamic art, heritage, architecture and culture. It was agreed that Barakat would help craft the designs and a portion of every purchase from Miraj Collections would go towards the trust’s conservation of the heritage that inspired the watch designs.

“We thought this was an amazing opportunity to link the present with what Barakat is doing about preserving the past. In our travels, particularly in Fez, we saw a lot of buildings that are being destroyed due to lack of maintenance,” Asif said.

Source: The Arab Weekly

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