A selection of reports on the calligraphy projects we have supported and funded in the field of Islamic Art, Heritage and Culture since we were founded in 1987

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Romolo Loreto

Since 2009 the Italian archaeological mission in Saudi Arabia is going on with archaeological research in Dumat al-Jandal. Since 2016 the study is focusing on the excavation of the Islamic core of the site, revolving around the so-called 'Umar mosque and Marid castle, mainly devoted to the transitional period betwen [...]

Dr. A.Hilal Ugurlu

She started her PhD in the History of Architecture program at Istanbul Technical University. She spent a year as a visiting special student at the Aga Khan Program, Harvard University, in the 2009-2010 academic year and audited several courses from the history of art and architecture department and also Center [...]

Dr Sadra Zekrgoo

Dr. Sadra Zekrgoo received his PhD in Materials Conservation from the University of Melbourne in 2018, and his M.A. in Conservation of Fine Arts, specializing in paper conservation, from Northumbria University (UK) in 2012. He is an art conservator and researcher who has studied traditional Persian writing inks and artist [...]

New Podcast: Ephemeral Palaces and Eternal Poetry of Iraq with Matt Saba

Join Matt Saba for a fascinating conversation about the magnificent palaces built by the Abbasid Caliphs of Iraq.  This dynasty realised that kingdoms invariably rose and fell, and that the longest lasting legacy of their reign would be literature.   Matt Saba is Visual Resources Librarian for Islamic Architecture at [...]

New Podcast: Heritage is Ours with May al-Ibrashy

Join May al-Ibrashy for a conversation about her heritage conservation work in historic Cairo, revealing how the projects she works on put the community first. Find out more about the challenges and opportunities presented by complex urban environments like Cairo, the ways in which significant buildings, like the Shrine of [...]

New Podcast: The Making of a Master Calligrapher with Bilal Badat

Join Bilal Badat, master calligrapher and scholar, for a conversation about the meaning of Islamic calligraphy. Badat explains calligraphy not just as a craft but as a means of transmitting and glorifying sacred knowledge. He shares fascinating insights on the making of calligraphers  – the way in which the  long [...]

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