The History and Archaeology of the Islamic and Crusader Periods: Some Reflections on Methods and Methodologies of Research

This 3-days workshop, organized by Micaela Sinibaldi for the University of Shanghai, explores the topic of methods and methodologies of research for the study of the history of the Islamic and Crusader periods, with a focus on the material sources. The speakers will report on their projects, highlighting how the [...]

Episode 7: The Crusades – Merchants and Monarchs with Scott Redford

Join archaeologist and professor Scott Redford to explore another side of the Crusades - a period usually understood in terms of violence and Holy War. Redford uses art and architecture to reveal the vibrant cultural life of the eastern Mediterranean and its profound effect on the cultural flowering of Western [...]

Converging Paths: Cultural Encounters in Medieval Islam

Talks followed by reception with canapés To celebrate the inception of Converging Paths—a series of events aimed at building bridges with the Islamic World—three eminent guest scholars will present and discuss their research on the cultural interconnections and coexistence experienced by border societies in early and Medieval Islam. The programme [...]

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