Heritage to enrich lives

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED SPECIAL WEBINAR. THE RECORDING WILL BE RELEASED ON TUESDAY 5th APRIL 2022 VIA EMAIL. OUR GUEST SPEAKER: HEIKE WEBER, EMBROIDER & AUTHOR Heiker Weber, Author and Embroider recently exhibited at Dubai Expo 2020, and lauched her book documenting the history of embroidery in the [...]


Persian Pattern

SAOG Studios SAOG Studios, Emerson College, ,, Forest Row, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Explore the geometric genius of the Persian master-craftsmen. Learn the art of compass and straight-edge construction and create a dazzling portfolio of geometric patterns from the Persian tradition.  ​ "A brilliant course so clearly and patiently taught. Such a lovely few days and plenty to work with after the course. Totally [...]

Manuscripts in Arabic Script: Introduction to Codicology (Online Short Course)

Online online, Rome, Belgium

This online course aims to introduce key concepts in the field of Arabic manuscripts and codicology. It is designed to attract participants who want to learn basic knowledge about Arabic manuscripts. The first day will provide an overview of the field of codicology and its role in the manuscript field [...]

£50 – £80

TALLI: Silver Between Tradition & Modernity

Dr Reem El Mutwalli, founder of The Zay Initiative, and Paula Quetglas Llop, Creative Director and Cofounder of NIILI discuss a collaborative upcoming exhibition of the same title due to take place at Zaman Awwel, Mall of The Emirates, on 9th May - 9th July. Both Exhibition and talk focus [...]


Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa (Online Short Course)

Online online, Rome, Belgium

This two-day online course introduces participants to Muslim architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa. Following an introduction on Islamic architecture and mosques, the first session will explore mosques in West Africa, from the Sahara to the tropical forests. The second session will look at the mosques in East Africa, from the Nile [...]

£45 – £75

حوار حول التراث في العالم العربي – الحفاظ على التراث في الظروف الصعبة (Preserving Heritage in Challenging Environments)


تركز الندوة الثالثة من سلسلة المحاضرات على تحديات الحفاظ على التراث في التجمعات العمرانية الصغيرة أو المعقدة   في هذه الجلسة يجتمع ثلاثة من الخبراء البارزين في مجال الحفاظ على التراث من العالم العربي لمشاركة تجربتهم في الحفاظ على .التراث في سياقات صعبة في اليمن ومصر وفلسطين   أ. د. [...]

Heritage Studies in Arab Fashion

Online online, Rome, Belgium

Our Founder, Dr Reem El Mutwalli and the Team are delighted to invite all to our next webinar: 'Dialogues on the Art of Arab Fashion: Heritage Studies in Arab Fashion on 31st May 2022.' We will be welcoming three renowned panellists from the London College of Fashion; The Creative School [...]


The Islamic Baydha Project: reconstructing the post-urban phase of Petra

University of Warsaw

The Islamic Baydha Project, directed by Micaela Sinibaldi since 2014, is part of the broader Late Petra Project, that aims at reconstructing the history of the Islamic period in Petra. This research has demonstrated , over the past years, that, contrary to what was commonly thought in the past, there [...]



Online online, Rome, Belgium

The Alternative Museum of The Sudan is Amado’s first solo exhibition at Sulger Buel Gallery. It traces the findings of his five-year research into the buried histories of the people of the Sudan who were badly affected by colonialism and other interruptive external forces. His multimedia works revive the local stories and [...]


Geometric and biomorphic pattern making with Samira Mian and Dr Esra Alhamal

Online online, Rome, Belgium

Leighton House and Sambourne House free online courses are back, with an artistic exploration of the geometric and biomorphic patterns found in Islamic design, led by artists Samira Mian and Dr Esra Alhamal. In the first two workshops, Samira will guide you through the compass and straight edge construction of [...]

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