The Islamic Baydha Project: reconstructing the post-urban phase of Petra

University of Warsaw

The Islamic Baydha Project, directed by Micaela Sinibaldi since 2014, is part of the broader Late Petra Project, that aims at reconstructing the history of the Islamic period in Petra. This research has demonstrated , over the past years, that, contrary to what was commonly thought in the past, there [...]



Online online, Rome, Belgium

The Alternative Museum of The Sudan is Amado’s first solo exhibition at Sulger Buel Gallery. It traces the findings of his five-year research into the buried histories of the people of the Sudan who were badly affected by colonialism and other interruptive external forces. His multimedia works revive the local stories and [...]


Geometric and biomorphic pattern making with Samira Mian and Dr Esra Alhamal

Online online, Rome, Belgium

Leighton House and Sambourne House free online courses are back, with an artistic exploration of the geometric and biomorphic patterns found in Islamic design, led by artists Samira Mian and Dr Esra Alhamal. In the first two workshops, Samira will guide you through the compass and straight edge construction of [...]


International Conference on Islamic Architecture and Traditions

International Conference on Islamic Architecture and Traditions aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Islamic Architecture and Traditions. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and [...]

Indian Miniature Painting: Mughal Flowers

Online online, Rome, Belgium

Learn to paint like the Mughals. During this course we will be looking closely at the structure of the Mughal flower. Differing in nature to botanical painting, these Mughal images are representations of flowers rather than naturalistic or scientific copies. Decorative in nature and almost always surrounded by a beautiful [...]


Persian Miniature Painting: The Portrait

Online online, Rome, Belgium

Learn to paint like the Persians.   If humankind is the measure of all things, then the face is the measure of a miniature. Students in this class will be guided with the meditative concentrated energy it takes to paint the epitome of miniature painting - the human face. Portraiture [...]


Silk Road Bazaar

Canopy Market King’s Cross London N1C 4BH Canopy Market, London, United Kingdom

Transport yourself along the Silk Road at the Aga Khan Foundation's artisanal market, rich with traditional craftsmanship, unique products, dance performances and more! The Aga Khan Foundation are delighted to announce the return of the Silk Road Bazaar — an artisan market laden with goods from countries along the historic [...]

Islam and Creativity in Popular Culture

Online online, Rome, Belgium

This is a three-day online course that addresses the many new expressions of mass mediated creative arts that make reference to Islam. These expressions may be motivated by a wish to express an Islamic interpretation or spirituality, but they may also be for other reasons, such as from anti-racism or [...]

£45 – £75

Geometry of the Islamic World

SAOG Studios SAOG Studios, Emerson College, ,, Forest Row, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Come and join us on this practical journey of discovery as we travel half way around the globe to source the finest examples of Islamic Geometric Pattern; Persia, Turkey, Syria, India, and Moorish Morocco and Al-Andalus will feature in our travels. The genius of the craftsmen geometers from the Islamic [...]


The Search for Light: An Odyssey into the World of Islam

Aga Khan Centre 10 Handyside Street, London, N1C 4DN, London, England, GB

An evening with celebrated photographer Peter Sanders as he talks about his experiences travelling throughout the Islamic world.Join Peter Sanders for a journey through Islamic lands, a voyage that influenced not only his photography but also his system of belief. Peter's photography is truly breathtaking, and it brings the beauty [...]

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