Decorative Moroccan Painting: The Art of ‘Zouaq’

with Natasha Mann  ( This two-day course, led by Natasha Mann, will introduce students to the Art of Zouaq. Zouaq is a painting technique original to Morocco which creates arresting and powerful designs. Found painted onto ceilings, doors, furniture and wooden objects it is an integral part of the decoration of [...]

Saturday Art Studio: Exotic Birds

Join artist Laurelie Rae in this creative online course which takes inspiration from the feathered friends found throughout Leighton House. Each workshop will begin with a reading from Attar's acclaimed poem 'The Conference of the Birds', written in the twelfth century in north-eastern Iran. In workshops 1 and 2, Laurelie [...]

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Persian Patterns

Explore the geometric genius of the Persian master-craftsmen. Learn the art of compass and straight-edge construction and create a dazzling portfolio of geometric patterns from the Persian tradition with Daniel Docherty at SAOG Studios.

Alhambra Arabesque

Alhambra Arabesque:The Court of Lions façade Join Adam Williamson for this two day intensive exploring the stunning rosette panel in the Court of Lions, Alhambra Palace, Granada. We will draw the full extended geometric and biomorphic pattern complete with multiple rosettes. The composition that we'll be working with is full [...]

From Craft to Art: Egyptian Applique-work in Light of Global and Local Change

In this conversation, Seif El Rashidi will discuss the over one thousand-year-old tradition of textile appliqué work (khayamiyya) in Egypt and how the aesthetic of the craft has been adapted to cater to international audiences and adopted by contemporary designers. Video footage of master-stitchers at work will also feature as part of this conversation.

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