The Barakat Trust Grants 2024 Q&A Session 5 (English Only)

The Barakat Trust Grant 2023 Question and Answer Session in English.  Monday, 11 March 2024, 2 pm - 3 pm GMT. Join us for a question and answer session with the Director of The Barakat Trust, Seif El Rashidi on the Grants Programme 2023 and the application process. This Q&A [...]

The Barakat Trust Grants 2024, Q&A Session 3 (English Only)

The Barakat Trust Grant 2023 Question & Answer Session in English.  Monday 4 March 2024, 2pm - 3 pm GMT. Join us for a question and answer session with the Director of The Barakat Trust, Seif El Rashidi on the Grants Programme 2024 and the application process. This Q&A session [...]

The Silver Ratio

The Silver Ratio, though less well know than it's shiny cousin, has similar mathematical properties and hence can be used to generate a highly flexible grid structure.​ After an introductory, contextual slide show exploring the proportional qualities of the Silver Ratio and their relevance to pattern design, we will construct [...]

Geometry of the Islamic World

Come and join us on this practical journey of discovery as we travel half way around the globe to source the finest examples of Islamic Geometric Pattern; Persia, Turkey, Syria, India, and Moorish Morocco and Al-Andalus will feature in our travels. The genius of the craftsmen geometers from the Islamic [...]

Saturday Art Studio: Passion for Tiles

An online workshop organised by Leighton House and led by artist Ayesha Gamiet. Inspired by the lush floral patterns of Iznik and Damascus ceramics, join us to recreate a tile design, exploring traditional painting and shading techniques from the rich world of Islamic art. Workshop Outline: In the morning attendees will practice [...]

A Passion for Tiles with Dr Melanie Gibson

An online course organised by Leighton House with Islamic art expert, Dr Melanie Gibson. Join us for a journey of exploration and celebration, sharing our passion for tiles. Across four online sessions, you will develop and deepen your knowledge and understanding of early Islamic tiles, the tiles of Iznik and [...]

Persian Patterns

Explore the geometric genius of the Persian master-craftsmen. Learn the art of compass and straight-edge construction and create a dazzling portfolio of geometric patterns from the Persian tradition with Daniel Docherty at SAOG Studios.

Alhambra Arabesque

Alhambra Arabesque:The Court of Lions façade Join Adam Williamson for this two day intensive exploring the stunning rosette panel in the Court of Lions, Alhambra Palace, Granada. We will draw the full extended geometric and biomorphic pattern complete with multiple rosettes. The composition that we'll be working with is full [...]

Instagram Guest Curator: Bernard O’Kane

We are happy to announce our new Instagram guest curator: Professor Bernard O'Kane, who is curating a series of images of tile work from the Islamic world starting February 1. Bernard O'Kane is a professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at The American University in Cairo. He has authored several [...]

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