A Passion for Tiles with Dr Melanie Gibson

An online course organised by Leighton House with Islamic art expert, Dr Melanie Gibson. Join us for a journey of exploration and celebration, sharing our passion for tiles. Across four online sessions, you will develop and deepen your knowledge and understanding of early Islamic tiles, the tiles of Iznik and [...]

New Podcast – Meeting for Coffee Ottoman Style with Doğukan Atmaca

Featuring in our new Young Perspectives series, Doğukan Atmaca explores the emergence of coffeehouses in Istanbul, and the way in which coffeehouse culture spread amid claims that cafés were the source of political unrest and seduction. Follow a fascinating story about the rise of this today commonplace institution to discover what [...]

Nilay Ozlu Curates Images of Topkapi Palace

We are happy to welcome this month's instagram guest curator, Nilay Ozlu, who will be curating a series about Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.  To follow the series, please follow our Instagram Account (barakat_org). Nilay is an architectural historian with a focus on the urban culture of Istanbul, late-Ottoman history, museum [...]

Episode 18: The Spirit of Hagia Sophia with Bissera Pentcheva

Hagia Sophia has featured in thousands of books and treatises throughout the centuries, many of which have praised the awe-inspiring spaces of this architectural wonder. Yet recently, the building has made headlines for very different reasons, as politics and heritage become entangled. In this week’s podcast, Professor Bissera Pentcheva helps [...]

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