Geometry of the Islamic World

Come and join us on this practical journey of discovery as we travel half way around the globe to source the finest examples of Islamic Geometric Pattern; Persia, Turkey, Syria, India, and Moorish Morocco and Al-Andalus will feature in our travels. The genius of the craftsmen geometers from the Islamic [...]

Warfare in Muslim Material Cultures: From Egypt to Bilad al-Sham (Online Short Course)

Military architecture through recent archaeological excavations and arms and armour in the Royal Armouries Collections. The course presents Muslim material cultures in a very specific context: warfare in the Middle East and Egypt during the Medieval and Modern Ages. War played a very important role in Muslim cultures and through [...]

Converging Paths Podcasts 2021 “Why Art History?” with Wendy Shaw

Wendy Shaw, Professor of Islamic Art History at the Free University of Berlin, reflects on the importance of art history as a discipline, and explores its universal value as a way to engage with the different narratives that shape our history. Ultimately, Shaw reaffirms the importance of art history as [...]

Global Perspectives on Islamic Art: An Online Panel Discussion

Islamic Art is not a monotheistic style or movement; it spans 1,400 years of history with incredible geographic diversity. This panel discussion aims to navigate the large territory of what is considered Islamic art while discussing its definition, how audiences and the general public engage with it today and what [...]

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