Geometry of the Islamic World

Come and join us on this practical journey of discovery as we travel half way around the globe to source the finest examples of Islamic Geometric Pattern; Persia, Turkey, Syria, India, and Moorish Morocco and Al-Andalus will feature in our travels. The genius of the craftsmen geometers from the Islamic [...]

Hands On Islamic Art Project – Congratulations Grantee!

Congratulations to the Museum of Islamic Arts and Heritage Foundation! Who are the Museum of Islamic Arts and Heritage Foundation? The Museum of Islamic Arts and Heritage Foundation (MIAH) was formed by a group of researchers and heritage practitioners at the University of Birmingham, England. They are eager to share [...]

Persian Miniature Painting: The Portrait

Learn to paint like the Persians.   If humankind is the measure of all things, then the face is the measure of a miniature. Students in this class will be guided with the meditative concentrated energy it takes to paint the epitome of miniature painting - the human face. Portraiture [...]

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