The Silver Ratio

The Silver Ratio, though less well know than it's shiny cousin, has similar mathematical properties and hence can be used to generate a highly flexible grid structure.​ After an introductory, contextual slide show exploring the proportional qualities of the Silver Ratio and their relevance to pattern design, we will construct [...]

The Wallace Collection with The Barakat Trust – Behind the Scenes: Conserving Indian Arms and Armour

As part of a major cataloguing project supported by the Barakat Trust, the Wallace Collection is cleaning, conserving and photographing its extensive holdings of Indian arms and armour for the very first time. Meet the curators and conservators involved in this important work through an intimate tour of the Collection’s [...]

Episode 10: The Forgotten Kingdoms of India with Navina Haidar

Navina Haidar, Curator in Charge of the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, takes us on an inspiring journey to South India and the sultanates of the Deccan. She reveals this little-known region of India — a land of great natural wealth that produced striking [...]

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